Wanderlust – by Asucena Colon

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“My journey began when I decided to move abroad to Thailand on a year long sabbatical from my everyday life in the states. Everyone kept asking me what it was like to live in a foreign place, As I trekked through the mountains and met hill tribe families who were untouched by the realities of modern life, I realized that I could never put these experiences into words. Each country I traveled to was unique and took me further away from the life I had known. Even though I was thousands of miles away, I felt that I had come home. I was content in the simplicity and kindness that these friends brought to my life. I began shooting their daily lives- our lives that were initially held together by visits to the market, walks in the forest and warm cups of tea. Ultimately these experiences led to a deeper understanding of culture and compassion. I wanted these images to radiate that..the true beauty in life that we often overlook. When I returned, this fascination with photography followed me home. I began noticing scenes in nature and forces that were harmoniously connected yet wild and free in their own respect; the greatest teachers of our life.
I give to you my outlook on the world. Though it may be unique, I would not change it for anything. Every instance in my life, both great and challenging, has brought me to the place where I am today. Thank you for taking the time to appreciate my work. I hope these images bring you as much joy as they have for me while taking them. I hope they inspire you to live the life you hear in your heart.”

To see more of Asucena’s work check out her portfolio at photoshelter.com
You can also find her on facebook 

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