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Be Grateful. Be Thankful


This time of the year brings many joys and sadness.  Remembering loses from our past sometimes makes us melancholy.  We are here now with all our past memories and dreams for the future.  These emotions are woven into who we’ve become but they are not our essence.  Our reality is this moment in time. Look…

De-stress In Nature


It’s Spring. Everything is fresh. As new life is bursting forth, go out into your natural surroundings. Breath deeply. Pay attention to the sounds and scents around you. You will feel more peaceful, more relaxed and definitely less stressed. I try to spend some time everyday in nature. It is impossible to stay stressed when…

Happy Fall!


Fall brings a magical time…crisp and full of raw emotions Mixed with a soothing scent of wood fire and apples Warming our souls Breathe deeply Feel the Beauty Sparks of life Ready for a Winters rest Promising another lively visit -HB