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Luteolin in veg and herbs possible treatment option for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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Luteolin a flavonoid found in veg and herbs is considered as a possible treatment option for Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Researchers at the Dept of Biomedical Sciences, University of Missouri, have shown that Luteolin, known to be effective in combating several types of cancer, also has the ability to suppress metastasis of Triple Negative Breast Cancer.…

Moonshot Cancer Cure -Opinion


I am very thankful for President Obama and Vice President Biden’s “moonshot” for a cancer cure. We are close and it is very possible the cures will be achieved in the near future. But like the traditional approach to most serious problems, we are always trying to fix the outcome of so many bad actions…

Maple Syrup Extract May Help Antibiotics Kill Superbugs

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Scientists from McGill University in Canada have determined that maple syrup extract-derived from pure maple syrup -may be beneficial in fighting bacterial infections.  The maple syrup extract reduced biofilm formation and increased the bacteria’s susceptibility to antibiotics.  There seems to be a mild effect on the bacteria when taken alone but when combined with antibiotics…