Sean Smith

Sean Smith graduated with Distinction from the University of Rhode Island and for the past 10 years has worked as a consultant in biotech, optics and environmental analytics. Sean has also worked as an educator in a world renowned scientific institution, where he gave daily lectures on various topics ranging from conservation, the world’s oceans, and endangered species. Sean has had the privilege of being associated with the JASON Project, an award-winning educational program that reaches more than 1 million students and 25,000 teachers annually. Sean has worked alongside world renowned leaders in conservation from such prestigious organizations as National Geographic, and the Smithsonian Institute, and participated in discussions which have varied in topic ranging from deep-sea exploration diving pranks to what-to-do-for-fun while being trapped in Antarctica for the season. Sean has a great love and respect for nature and has the distinct honor of being one of a select number of people who can claim to have been spat upon by a whale, bitten repeatedly by multiple penguins, mildly attacked by an alligator, and thrown-up upon by a white-sided dolphin infected with brain-parasites.

Exploration of the Marianas Reveals Beautiful New Jellyfish Species| Highlight Video

NOAA Jellyfish

Operating at a depth of approximately eleven thousand feet (2.3 miles), an ROV (remote operated vehicle) controlled by NOAA’s ship the Okeanos Explorer was able to document a previously undiscovered jellyfish species. The Okeanos Explorer is a 224 foot exploratory research vessel with a crew of 46, including mission support, holding multiple ROV’s.  The Okeanos Explorer’s latest mission takes place in the Western Pacific; a four…

Obama rejects new Atlantic Ocean oil drilling

oil platform

In a major reversal, the Obama administration announced it will ban oil drilling off America’s Atlantic Coast.  A move which “protects the Atlantic for future generations.”  The decision,  consistent with the president’s aggressive steps to combat climate change, was cheered by environmentalists. The Obama administration will abandon its plan to allow new offshore oil drilling on southeast…

Environmentalists Celebrate Shell Arctic Anouncement

Chuchki Sea

Today Royal Dutch Shell announced the cessation of exploratory drilling in the arctic waters off of Alaska’s coast, in the Chukchi Sea. Environmentalists and Conservationists around the world were celebrating as news traveled across the twitterverse: Reasons for the withdrawal are largely being credited to strong public opposition to the arctic drilling while others believe Shell…