Mary Smith

Mary has worked with Professional theatres (including the Colonial Theater in Boston) and Mosaic Productions specializing in hair, makeup, and costume design. Mary is a licensed cosmetologist, a professional hair designer, and makeup artist. She has specialized in theatre productions, weddings, and formal events. Her other artistic outlets includes jewelry and clothing design, sculpting, drawing/painting, photography and quilling. She collects sea glass, and is an avid reader and yoga practitioner.

Organic Cranberry Face Mask


Thanksgiving Day is almost here. It’s a time to spend with family and friends giving thanks and eating a lot of food. What do you do with the leftover items? Here is a mask that will help you use up the remaining cranberries that might be left hanging around in the refrigerator. This face mask…

Organic Blueberry Mask


It’s blueberry time!  Eat some for your overall health and  make a mask for healthier skin  If you’re like me you’ve spent a lot of time outside this summer.  That also means sun damage. This organic blueberry mask will help with all that sun.  It contains three ingredients and is very easy to make. Organic…